Summary for internal news letter



Jong Volker Wessels Foundation will renovate a community centre for after school activities in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.



What needs to be done?

The project consists of the refurbishment and renovation of an existing community building. E.g. new roof, new installations, new window, new kitchen.

The construction work for the building is due to start in April 2010 and the opening of the building is planned for October 2010. The project group will select one Armenian contractor that can do the job.

The amount of money we need is about € 160.000. (£145.000).



The project group has 3 strategies to raise money

  1. Sponsor ship actions of VolkerRail Europe (and other VolkerWessels) companies
  2. Donations from subcontractors and main suppliers of VolkerRail Europe.
  3. Grants (submitted already 2 applications)


What is VolkerRail Netherlands doing?

VolkerRail Netherlands are organizing sponsorship action in the form of a charity run on 9th April in Vianen. We hope that approximately 100 colleagues will run one hour and raise money for this good cause! It is not a normal run but a relay race. So everybody can join in. Afterward people can enjoy with good music and some drinks. We hope to raise between € 5.000 and € 10.000


What kind of actions can you do?

We think it is very important to involve all VolkerRail countries so that we can do this action as one VolkerRail.

We hope that VolkerRail Deutschland, VolkerRail UK, VolkerRail Estonia, VolkerRail Weiss Nordic, VolkerRail Poland, VolkerRail Finland can organize a local action (such as a charity run, a bike run etc.) as well.


What else can you do?  

It is also possible to raise money by asking subcontractors and suppliers to support this action by giving a donation (from € 500). We can then arrange for a button containing a hyperlink to the relevant suppliers/subcontractors website on the project website www.projectarmenie.nl and the VolkerRail corporate website as well.


If you have further questions about the project, please contact stijn elbers. (stijn.elbers@volkerrail.nl)  




Jong Volker Wessels Foundation will renovate a community centre for after school activities in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

This Rainbow Child Centre is located in Yerevan. The centre now offers help to 180 children. The children receive guidance with their homework, English and German lessons and sport -and culture activities. Since the completion of the first phase of the centre in 2008, it is a great success for the district. To help even more children, Jong Volker Wessels will help with the second part of the building (currently can’t be used) to renovate. The centre provides poor children a way to develop and focus on their future. The Rainbow Child Centre also serves as a meeting place for their parents.



The project includes renovation of the Rainbow Child Centre. The Rainbow Child Centre consists of two buildings and is connected by staircases. One building was renovated in 2007; the other part is still unusable. The task of Jong Volker Wessels Foundation is to renovate this building so it can also be used for the activities of the Rainbow Child Centre.


The project consists of: the refurbishment and renovation of an existing community building.


The renovation includes the following elements:

-          New roof

-          New installations (electricity, central heating, water)

-          New boiler house

-          New windows

-          Installing central heating

-          New interior gym

-          New separate changing rooms with showers

-          Enlarging the building

-          New sanitary facilities

-          GP practice

-          Kitchen

-          Classrooms

-          Meeting rooms


Activity plan


Activity  (“What” and “How”)


Timing (“When”)

1. Visit of RCC

To determine the demands and wishes of the users and what should happen to the building. Also an introduction to local authorities (obtain permission to work). Further the project group will address the long term continuity of the project. Local contractors are also visited. (Travel costs are no part of the project budget.)


Last week of November 2009

2. Blue prints

Now it is known what work is to be carried out on the building, drawings can be produced and the specifications are written. We pay extra attention to the fact that the construction will be undertaken by local contractors, using local materials. This requires a careful coordination with Yerevan. Our intention is to share knowledge of our way of budgeting and procuring.


November 2009 - January 2010

3. Recruiting sponsors

We work towards a maximum awareness of the VolkerWessels concern. We do this by activating all of the 17,000 employees and by stimulating competition between operating companies. Further we will ask our partners to subcontractors, suppliers etc.


November 2009 - May 2010

4. Contract local builders

This phase is about finding a reliable and skilled contractor for the job. We have selected four contractors who can apply. These contractors are selected after consultation with local parties and group visits.


January 2010

5. Work preparation

The detailed drawings are prepared, the necessary equipment purchased and the contractor briefed. Everything is ready for action.


January 2010 - April 2010

6. Supervision

The construction period will be closely scrutinized by a supervisor who is appointed by the group and lives in Yerevan. This is done to ensure the progress and quality of the work. Through visits, films, photographs and reports, the group will monitor the process. This period is also used for the transfer of knowledge. Particular attention will be paid on knowledge of management and maintenance of the property. What installations are added, how should they be maintained? How does one create a maintenance plan? In what ways can the organization ensure that sufficient funds are earmarked for maintenance? These and other questions are addressed.


May 2010 - September 2010

7. Completion of the project

The group, supervisor and end user will check the new building to see whether everything is installed and constructed according to plan. Any faults are to be rectified by the contractor. Only when this is done, the contractor gets paid the last installments.


September 2010

8. Official opening of the RCC

This is a good time to strengthen relationship with the neighbourhood, authorities and potential sponsors.

October 2010



Charity Run VolkerRail


VolkerRail will help Jong VolkerWessels with this project to transform a former kindergarten into a community centre for young children by raising money for this project.  On Friday April 9, VolkerRail will organize a charity run to raise money for this project.


The charity run

The aim of the event is to run a relay race for one hour in teams of four persons. This means each person has to run about 15 minutes. When you want to change, and how often, you should decide in your own team. The start of the relay race is at 15:00 and ends at 16.00 hours. The race takes place in the in the backyard of the office of VolkerRail Vianen in the Netherlands. The route is approximately 400 metres long. After the race we will announce which team has done the most laps. These 4 people will receive a nice surprise. During and after the run we will provide snacks and drinks to all the runners.

Note: If you subscribe individually you are will be placed in a team. You can also join with a team of max 4 persons. The representative who enters a team will be the team captain and will receive all information via e-mail.



The aim of the charity is to raise funds for Project Armenia. You can collect money for the race from family, friends, colleagues etc. People can sponsor for a fixed amount, not per round. Therefore you don’t have to raise money afterwards and we can announce what has been collected at the end of the day.


Sign up with your colleagues today! !


You can subscribe by reply back:

Your name and the names of your team. After registration you will receive a confirmation plus further information.



Check also www.projectarmenie.nl  and the poster that can be found on the next page (in Dutch)